What To Do If Your Tenants Ask To Sublease Your Rental In Warner Robins


There are many reasons why your tenant may ask to sublease your rental property in Warner Robins.

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Some landlords are fine with it, while others are not. Learn how to decide which way to go.

Sublets can work out just fine so long as the tenant has received the permission of the landlord. A professional landlord can help with this. All contracts need to be comprehensive so that all parties are aware of their roles. When your tenant sublets to someone else, they are entering into a new agreement, however, their lease with you, the landlord, is still in effect.


Before you agree to let your tenant sublease the property to someone else, you will need to make sure you are aware all the rules, regulations, and bylaws of your community. You don’t want to find yourself penalized or fined for letting your tenant rent the property to someone else on your behalf. We can help guide you thru Georgia subleasing. Many property managers will not allow subleasing. That does not mean it can’t be done. A lot of subleasing is conducted person to person. Although it is minly in commercial building that people sublease, residential houses can be subleased as well. Once you have researched this, you can take the next step to letting your tenant sub-lease (or not) the property out to someone else.

Your tenant will need to have permission from the landlord to legally sublet the property. Subleasing can be a good way to protect yourself from some liabilities like fair housing or problem tenants in ways a leasing agent can’t. Although some cities do not allow subleasing, there are some cities that allow tenants to sublet under certain conditions, even if the lease agreement forbids it. As the landlord, you will want to make sure you know what the specific rules are in your city. Warner Robins, Kathleen, and Perry areas do allow subleasing. If you have never subleased a rental property before, it may be best to allow a sublease (the first time) to a tenant that is experienced.

Proper Contractssubleasing

When you are letting the tenant sublease the property, you’ll need to make sure all contracts are filled out accurately and legally. The contract needs to be written to eliminate your liability of the sub-lessor should something go wrong. A sublease should be between your tenant and the tenant they are subleasing to. The contract should hold your tenant accountable for the sublease. Make sure to have all of the specifics worked out ahead of time. Who will the sub-lessor send the rent check to? How will utilities be handled? Make sure your contract with your tenant allows you some control to approve or disapprove the sublease.


It needs to be made very clear how all parties are responsible for each part of the lease and sublease. Is your tenant ultimately responsible for fulfilling their role in the lease whether the subtenant pays or not or do they pay only when the sub-tenant pays?

What if rent isn’t paid by the sub-lessor? What if the property is damaged or if the person subletting skips town, who is responsible for repairs, evictions and paying the rent?



If your tenant is advertising the house for rent, you’ll want to make sure that they are abiding by all fair housing laws. Subleasing can protect you from some fair housing violations, if your tenant commits any, but if you allow them to advertise, make sure that you review what they are saying to make sure everything is done legally.

Tenant Screening

Will they be doing all the screening of the sub-tenant or will you want to be involved in the process? You should set specific criteria so that your tenant doesn’t end up subletting to someone who will be a nuisance. The person moving in needs to be responsible and able to pay the rent each month. Encourage your tenant to collect a deposit to help cover the loss should anything go wrong with the living arrangement.

Allowing your tenant to sublet the property can be beneficial in many ways. Let’s say you have a great long-term tenant who has taken a position elsewhere for 6 months. Having them sublet the property to someone else is better than a vacant house or having to battle them over a broken lease. When the right sub-lessors move in, the arrangement can be beneficial for everyone involved. A short-term renter will find housing, your tenant will be able to return to the house when they are ready, and you will continue to collect your rent check each month.

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