About Us

Property Managers didn’t work for us either

Like many of you, we came to Warner Robins to start our life. And like many of you, we got hit by the real estate investing bug. We learned real fast that managing rental property was not a one person job, so we hired a professional property manager. After being disappointed by every property manager we tried to use, We decided to learn what it takes to be a property manager ourselves. During our learning process, we met some incredible people. Some real masters of real estate. Our new mentors taught us the art of being “Professional Landlords”. We are now bringing that process of rental property management to Warner Robins Georgia.

We are the best source for Warner Robins real estate investors and homeowners to find a solution to problem residential rental properties in the Warner Robins, Georgia area.  We offer solutions that real estate agent managers can’t and won’t offer like:landlords

  1. We will pay out of pocket to get your rental investment tenant ready.
  2.  We don’t require a reserve fund to rent your house.
  3. More personal service to owners and tenants.
  4. Better screening for tenants that will care for your rentals and pay as agreed.
  5. Tax benefits that property managers can’t offer.
  6. Better vicarious Liability protection with Fair Housing.

Advise is free. Call us and see why we are better than property management.

If you like what we offer, we can customize our level of service to fit your needs.

Double D Property Solutions

A Bit About Us

We started renting our own properties in 2001 in Warner robins and Macon Georgia. After a lot of problems, we tried using local property managers to handle our rentals. After the third property manager almost ran our portfolio into the ground, we went to work learning the processes of managing single family and mobile home rentals and how to fix the problems we were having. After a lot of studying with mentors around the country and other industries, we adopted the practices of higher end residential and commercial investors. We are now bringing “Professional Landlords” to Middle Georgia.

walk thruproperty management

This new process allows us to offer tax benefits to passive homeowners and residential real estate investors that property managers can’t offer. We can also help mitigate  some of the risk with violating “Fair Housing” regulations. No property management company will offer that.

How Do We Do It?

Simply put… Our primary purpose is rental investing. We don’t divert our time to hundreds of houses. We give a lot attention to a few clients. Not the other way around. Tenants like it, Homeowners love it, Everyone is happy. We answer our own phone and take care of problems as fast as they arise to ensure a smooth operation. landlord

Why Should You Work With Us?

We’ve already learned best practices to make rental properties productive and long lasting investments. Our own investment properties are in the mix too. If we do something wrong, our investments get hurt also. Your investment using us will more than pay for itself in worry free rental operations, reduced repair costs, lower turnover expenses and tax benefits.

So, what kind of clients do we work with?

  • Tired Landlords- Want to keep the cash flow from good rental properties, but don’t like changing toilets or chasing down rents.
  • Military PCS’ing- Would cost money to sell their house but have to move anyway.
  • Families selling an “underwater” house- The market value of the house is worth less than the mortgage balance.
  • Homeowners with an inherited house- Some people can’t sell mom or dad’s house, but they can’t afford to keep it up.

These are just a few examples of problems Double D Property Solutions can help you.

Real Estate Investors Looking For Rentals

Flipping houses is good as long as you can get out and work, But If you’re a real estate investor and are looking for great rental properties that will cash flow whether your at home or on vacation, we can help. “Mailbox Money” is a good supplement to a flipping portfolio.

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