3 Common repairs we make to our Hawkinsville rental house

3 common repairs we are making to our rental house in Hawkinsville Georgia

One thing a property manager can count on is making repairs to rental properties. This house in Hawkinsville has been a great home to one of our favorite tenants. Since they bought their own house and moved out, we are getting it ready for the next tenant and found issues that need fixing.

Fix the plumbing in our rental house

hawkinsville rental house

A good property manager keeps in good communication with their tenants, so we knew this was coming. We had never changed the original pipes. The tenants had mentioned the pressure was low. Since the house was on a well, we turned up the pressure a little and changed the faucet screens and shower heads, at the suggestion of the tenant (always make them feel involved). They were happy with that for now.

When they moved out, we did a full inspection and decided it was time to upgrade to Pex. Since the water heater was full of calcium deposits, it got changed too.

New flooring for the rental

This rental was a house we confiscated from an investor/borrower in Hawkinsville after defaulting on a loan (investors can foreclose too). They had agreed to fix the house and sell it to pay us back, that did not happen. The house had particle board throughout. Although it is cheap and unreliable, there was nothing wrong with it at the time.

When we “walked” the house, there were areas around the dining room window that were soft. We found two sheets that needed replacing. We tripled that order when we found a great deal on LVP (luxury vinyl planks) and realized the new flooring would not lay flat on the old bumpy particle boards.

Painting your rental house

Hawkinsville Georgia is a good rental market, but prospective tenants in a small town like Hawkinsville still want what they see on HGTV. A new paint job in the latest colors is always required when a tenant leaves after two years or more. A good semi-gloss will cover well and make your rental house more attractive.

Many landlords will say we are crazy for paying for upgrades that can “get by” for a few more years or be changed with a cheaper replacement. We have run the numbers on many of our flips and rentals. A little more on the materials while we are doing repairs anyway save us a lot of money when we don’t have to replace it again for ten or more year (flooring being the most common factor). Two houses we sold in the last year had luxury tile from four years ago and they still looked great when they sold (even with the tenants).

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