What Should I Expect from the Perfect Property Manager in Warner Robins?


Property management

Good property managers have a lot of responsibilities.

If they do the job they are supposed to do, a property manager is worth their every penny they earn. Let’s look at the services you would receive from the perfect property manager.

Walk around the house you want to rent.

A property manager worth their salt knows the market in the Bonaire, Kathleen and Warner Robins area well enough to know what the best tenants are looking for. They can advise you on how to make your rental attract the best tenants. Having the right wall color, fixing broken fence board and cleaning the yard are little things that can make the difference between a long term tenant that loves the house and some lesser tenant that will cause problems.

Finding a good tenantgood tenants

The perfect property manager has an extensive network of marketing resources at their fingertips. They are able to show your rental property to the most lots of people in a short amount of time. This leaves little down time which will improve your income stream.



Screen that tenant 

Once your rental house is on the market, the property manager will screen for the best qualified tenant to live and take care of your investment property. A good property manager will not just look for the first applicant with money in their hands. They will look for the best qualified person based on credit score and ability to pay the monthly rent.

Manage the house

Every tenant wants to be left alone and enjoy the house unless there are problems. This is where a good property manager shines. We have had many tenants move in with us and tell stories of landlords that would not fix anything. Those same tenants pay higher rent and stay longer with our rental properties based on this one point right here. A good property manager (Professional Landlord like us) will fix any repair we are responsible for in 72 hrs. or less (weather permitting). This is where many property managers fall short.

Enforce the rules of the rental agreement

Bad property managementMost Property managers will hand out a sheet of rules the tenants are supposed to follow during their stay at their new rental home. Good property managers will go over the rules and the leasing agreement with the tenant and make sure everyone understands what is expected of them (tenants and property manager alike). The best Property managers are the landlords that enforce the rules in a timely manner and don’t allow the tenant to become the “controlling party”. This is where most Warner Robins property managers fall short. Many landlords are not trained to deal with confrontation from a bully tenant. The result is a head strong tenant not paying on time, not getting evicted, and repairs not getting reported as needed.

Of Course we can’t offer these tips without offering our services with them. Professional Land lording is a fairly new concept we adopted from the commercial rental industry.

This new program allows us to offer benefits to our homeowners that property managers won’t like:

  • We put our own money into getting a rental ready for service so you can worry about other things.
  • No reserve fund required
  • We can protect our homeowners better from vicarious liability.
  • Our system allows for better tax benefits.


Call us now to learn more about the system that is Better Than Property Management.

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