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Renting houses to good tenants is a business that requires good communication skills. Part of communicating with your tenants requires good verbal and clearly written documents that record all aspects of the agreement between the tenant and the landlord. If you want to be a good property manager, make sure you have all the documents you need to rent your property.

So what documents do you need to rent your house? We will cover some of the basic documents needed as a property manager, but there are many more documents that will be required at times, but we will not get into details on those documents, although we will list a few.

When a Property manager is screening for a new tenant, The first document they need is an application. This form style paper is for getting basic information about the prospective tenant. Some basic rental applications can be found online. They will ask for common information like:

  • Name, Contact information, current address, previous address
  • Employment history
  • Social Security number for credit checks- although there are procedures to handling someone’s personal information like a SSN. Check your state regulation.
  • Work history
  • Rental history

As you get familiar with doing property management yourself, you will learn to customize you forms accordingly.

Next, after you found a qualifying tenant for your rental house, it’s time to sign a rental agreement. Your rental agreement will address all aspects of:

  • How much rent will be and when it is due.
  • Who is agreed to live at the house, including pets.
  • How is responsible for certain repairs.
  • How the tenant will conduct themselves while living in your rental house.
  • What will happen if someone breaks the rules or does not pay as agreed.
  • How to resolve disputes.

As you and the tenant are going over the rental agreement, you also need to have an inspection form that reflects the condition of the rental house before they move in. Both parties need to sign this document so it is agreed on the condition of the house.

Again, as you gain experience of being a landlord, you will customize your leasing agreement accordingly.

If you rent a house with a pool, this is not required, but I highly encourage a separate “hold harmless” document that explains to the tenant that they understand the risks of renting a house with a pool.

A rental resolution letter may be needed when there is a dispute with the tenant that could cause an eviction. If you, as the property manager, are able to resolve the problem and the tenants are allowed to stay in the property, then this document will help your court case later if the problem happens again and you have to evict the tenant. It will show that you already tried to resolve the issue once before (which is what the judges in Georgia like to see).

If you rent your investment property to section 8 tenants, there are many more documents that will be required by the state, but there are also some documents that you will want for yourself. A quick list:

  • Photographs of all parts of the rental house, in case there is damage and you need the state to pay for it.
  • A detailed inspection form signed by the tenant and the case worker, backs up the photos showing the house started this agreement in good condition.
  • Information form of contact information for all persons at the section 8 office the tenant is working with.

When and if your tenant has to leave, it may be a good idea to have a termination agreement signed by you as the property manager. Once the house is clean and rent ready by the tenant for the next tenant, you can return their deposit and give them your termination document showing all is well and satisfied.

Some people that rent houses in Warner Robins and Bonaire have working fireplaces. Some landlords will have another “hold harmless” document for this or they will just add it to the other document addressing the Pool.

If you rent houses out in the country and have more land attached to the rental house than you want the tenant to have access to, it may be a good idea to have a “limitation of access “ letter that explains where the tenants are not allowed to go. It will also be a good idea to include a map of the rental house and the areas that are off limits.

Other documents that may be needed include:

  • Yard maintenance agreement
  • Lake access form
  • Labor for rent agreement
  • Lease with option to buy

If you have any question about the documents you need to rent your house, please contact us and we can help you get started.

Good Luck

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