Should a Warner Robins Property Manager pay for the Utilities

Should a Property manager pay for the utilities in Warner Robins Georgiawarner robins property manager

Many Property managers will give you different answers about who should pay for utilities in Warner robins Georgia.

There are some property managers that include utilities in the cost of rent on some single-family houses. Other managers will require the tenant to pay utilities separately. Let’s look at both sides and let you decide if you want to include utilities in your rent or not.

What kind of building is it?

Some Multi-unit rental properties will not give you a choice. Some older units are wired together, which means the whole building has one power meter base and is charged to one bill from the power company. You have no choice but to add the power bill to your rent and pay it yourself. Of course newer building have separate meters for each unit so the tenants can pay their own power bill.

warner robins landlordsSome single-family houses have an extra out building in the back that can be rented separately. This is another case where you may need to charge a little more rent and pay the power bill yourself.

Water, trash and gas departments in Warner Robins Ga have to be paid by the property manager because there really is no way to charge separately for those. Some rental properties are sold to multiple investors but the utilities are assigned to the main property owner by the city and has to be paid by the landlord. A case like this is not preferred, but does happen.

What kind of rental purpose does it serve?

Many property managers rent low income houses in Warner Robins Georgia. These houses are rented to people that have less then good credit (or worse). Because of their low credit, many of these people can’t get utilities turned on in their own name. The tenants that rent these houses historically have a high turnover rate which causes lots of switching fees. Property managers of these types of houses have learned it’s easy and cheaper to just keep the power in their name.

Another Warner Robins landlord that keeps the utilities included in the rent are renting single rooms. I don’t mean VRBO’s, those are obvious. I mean single professionals, college crowds and government veteran programs that only need a room and kitchen. These “all included” rooms are a simple choice for these types of people and can be more profitable for the property manager.

The most common rental property in Warner Robins Georgia is the single-family detached house. These people usually want to enjoy the use of a real house that has a real yard and is away from other tenants. This type of rental house is best for the tenant to pay their utilities themselves. The meter is tied to one unit for one tenant. Simple

Long story cut shortWarner robins landlord walkthru

As long as each unit can be charged individually, most landlords have the tenant pay the bill themselves. The main reason for this is profit, of course. Property managers and property owners don’t want to pay another bill that cuts into the income they produce. Tenants tend to see the total cost of their housing when the rent and utilities are separate. In their mind, a few smaller bills don’t seem to be as costly as one big bill. The other reason to let your Warner Robins Georgia tenants pay is that tenants tend to be more wasteful on water, gas and power when they don’t see the individual bills themselves. Just like most people spend more money using a debit card then using cash. They see the money leaving and become more frugal.

Let us know how you decide.

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