Lease your house before moving out of Warner Robins.

Many people in Warner Robins, Bonaire and Kathleen have learned it is more lucrative and easier to lease the house they are moving out of instead of selling it.

Leasing a house you own is a great way to build the family net worth and produce an income for many years to come. In order to start leasing your house, you have to move out. Moving out of a house can be a long process whether you use a moving company or move everything yourself. All the things you have acquired over the years have built up and now it all has to be moved, sold or trashed. People move out of a house for many reason including a job transfer or military orders to PCS. Whatever the reason you are moving out of your house, here are some tricks to help your move or PCS go smoother.

Clean house before your move.

Start the move out process as soon as possible. Go through all your belongings and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year or don’t think you will use in the next couple months. Of course you may want to think long and hard about the more expensive items. It is surprising to find out how much stuff you don’t need any more when it’s time to move out.

Stage your house before moving.

Next in your moving out process is to gather everything that is being moved and bundle those items by how much they are used. Anything from the attic or back of the garage can be packed first because you rarely use it. Let the movers (or you) pack those items first. Save the most important items (items you use everyday like the bed, change of clothes, etc.) for last.

Gather moving Materials.

If you want to move or pcs yourself, make sure you have the proper vehicle to haul everything you have. Most movers guess items by weight. Usually 1000lbs. per fully furnished room. When you rent a moving truck, use this to help figure what size moving truck to rent. Don’t forget to buy some boxes. Old boxes from the local grocery store may be fine for college kids, but your fine china or Star Wars collection will not survive a big move. Make sure to have stuffing material to protect the items important to you.

Once you move out of the house, it is time to clean the house and get it ready to lease. Leasing a house you just moved out of gives you a chance to gauge your own housekeeping. Inspect the whole house (inside and out). If there are a lot of marks and scratches on the wall, go ahead and repaint. Make sure to trim all the landscaping to make the outside look good. If there is any damage to the roof, outside trim, doors, windows, flooring… make sure to fix all this before you put your house on the market to lease. A great looking house attracts better tenants and gets higher rents.  Bonaire rental house

Leasing a house you just moved out of can be just as much work as selling the same house. Whether you sell or lease your house, it still has to look good and it can take up a lot of time. The great thing about reading this blog is you found US. Every blog full of good information comes with strings, so here it is.

We offer professional land lording services to PCS and civilian families that are moving, but want to keep the house as a rental asset. We step into your shoes and become the landlord for you. We do all the cleanup and prep work to get the house ready to rent for you. This allows you to worry about the move, not the house.

Once the house is ready, we take care of finding, screening and qualifying the best tenant.

We can take care as much or as little of the house as you like. Contact us now before you PCS or move out of your house and we can make your new leasing experience go smooth as glass.

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