Can I rent my house to Military in Warner Robins?

Rent to military

All branches of the military shift and move personnel all over the world and around the country on a regular basis. This move is called a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) move. Most active duty military members will rent a house or stay in Base housing around Warner Robins, Kathleen or Bonaire Georgia rather than buy a house because they will, most likely, not be staying in this area more than a couple years. This makes Warner Robins a great area to have rental Properties.

The short answer is “Yes”, Base housing at most military locations usually will not support all the personnel at that base. If you have a rental house near a military installation, you are more than welcome to rent to military members.

Although renting to military members is welcome, it would be wise for you to check with the local base housing office and ensure that you are complying with any local regulations. There may be certain personnel that are required to stay in base housing or other special housing. If that is the case, you need to know this so you don’t waste time qualifying a prospective tenant that is not allowed to rent your house anyway. Military members don’t always get “briefed” on details like this, so it is good for you to be in the know as well.

“Military members can get loud and rough, so why should I rent to them?”

In the last few decades, the US military has become more sensitive to the image they portray to the general public. Our military gets paid to protect American soil, but they also know they represent a profession that is watched very closely. Today’s military member takes more pride in looking like a hero than a slob just playing soldier.

The good thing about renting to a military member is that they have a chain of command. No one that has ever been in the military likes reporting to the “first shirt” for a butt chewing and a “bad conduct” mark on their record. That gives the landlord an extra “leash” they can pull if the tenant does not perform as agreed.

On the other side, military members can PCS to another duty station at any time. Although most military members should be able to give the landlord 30-60 days’ notice, they must be allowed to cancel their lease without penalty.

We have had a few military tenants in Warner Robins move out before their lease was fulfilled, but they did leave the house rent ready and some even lined us up with another qualified military tenant before they left. This reduces downtime to less than a month, which is great for a landlord.

If you want to make your rental property available to military members in Middle Georgia, contact us, we can help.military rental properties

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