Are you a tired landlord in Warner Robins, Georgia?


There are lots of landlord investors in the Macon, Perry, Kathleen and Warner Robins area that enjoy the freedom that comes with mailbox money.Bonaire rental house

They get rent checks every month from the use of the housing they provide. They enjoy letting their assets work for them. BUT, of course, those assets require maintenance. Each week, a tired landlord reports to another house that has a leaking pipe or an Air conditioner that doesn’t blow cold enough. Maybe the garage door fell off the tracks and the tenant can’t get their car out to go to work (at 7Am). Whatever the reason, Being a landlord can be more of a job than most w-2 because there is no one else to call and they (you) have to be on call or risk your house being damaged.

Managing your own rental properties also includes screening tenants before they move in and evicting sometimes to get, the ones that don’t pay, out. If you own rental properties in multiple counties, then there are multiple magistrate courts to get familiar with. They all go thru the same process

, but as we have found out, most execute that process different ways. The loss of time and energy can weigh on anyone.

Because of all this, Double D property Solutions LLC is introducing a new way of property management.

We have pulled our hair out dealing with these same problems and decided there must be another way to manage our own properties. After years of testing on our own properties, training with some of the best managers in the business, we have brought this new process to the Macon, Warner Robins, Perry Georgia areas. Our process allows us to protect the landlord from some of the risk of rental properties like discrimination and fair housing violations that an agent can’t, and most times won’t, do. Our process also allows the owner/ landlord to continue to enjoy the tax benefits like an active landlord investor does. Tax benefits usually go down when landlords hire a property manager (agent) because they are no longer actively involved in the investment.

What is this new way of property management? We are called “professional landlords”. This way of property managing is more versatile than standard agent services, better tax benefits and provides some liability shielding that regular property managers can’t offer.

For more information on how to keep enjoying the great benefits of rental properties without doing all the work, call us at Double D Property Solutions.

478-256-9947 or go to our website at

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