6 Things To Look For In Your Next Rental Property

6 Things To Look For In Your Bonaire or Warner Robins Rental Property

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As an investor/Landlord, you have a lot of options to choose from in Bonaire and Warner Robins Georgia, so how do you choose your next Rental investment? Here are 6 things to look for in your Bonaire Georgia rental property from the prospective of a property manager.


Bonaire Georgia is a hot rental market. Bonaire has every kind of rental property you could ask for from mobile home s to the top market mansions. Affordability of your next rental house, from a property manager prospective, pertains to a good tenant that can afford your Bonaire rental. Large rental houses in a nice area can bring high rents… when they get rented. Look for a standard sized house for the area you want to buy that the majority of your prospects can afford to rent.

Although mobile homes are not the sexy rentals most landlord investors think of first, Bonaire Ga. Has some nice neighborhoods that rent fairly well. Also, if you insist on buying the biggest house in town to use as a rental property, there are quite a few high-end houses that will put a hurting on your wallet.

Look for the standard sized houses in the median price range to buy. From the property management side, that is the easiest house to rent and stay rented. Higher end houses are harder to find rents that can afford it and low end can give a great return, but the clients your Bonaire Georgia property manager has to deal with can be more costly than the higher return is worth.

Demand of your Rental House

Bonaire property managers love high demand houses as rental properties. But, what is considered “high demand”?

Good schools will pull in the best tenants as fast as anything. Parents want to have their kids taken care of and they will spend a little more on the house they rent to get it. Luckily, Bonaire Georgia has some of the best schools in the area. Property manager love getting a Bonaire house to rent as much as the homeowners love them.

Bonaire Ga is filling up with younger crowds and military families PCSing in that like the schools, but they also like the newer housing that is being built. Millennials (and military) are looking for the modern gadgets and open floorplans that these houses offer.

No investor landlord wants to pay retail price for their next rental. Look for some of the older neighborhoods that can be bought and modernized for a good price.

Even your Rental House needs Curb Appeal

Another important thing to look for in your Bonaire Ga rental investment is the property’s curb appeal. Although it is not quite as important for a rental as a house being bought for a homeowner, it still needs to be on the list for a good rental property. Tenants are looking for a house to rent, you are looking to attract the best tenant that will stay forever. Make you next Bonaire rental house look attractive from the road.professional landlords

Property managers do not do landscaping, but most have a landscaper on file to call when needed. When Double D Property Solutions works with the investor landlord to find a rental house that looks good without having an expensive yard to maintain. That saves money. Once you buy the house, we can be the landlord and all you have to deal with is cashing the checks.

Structural Issues of your new rental

An extremely important thing to look for in your Bonaire Georgia rental investment is the structure of the property. Of course, most investor landlords have bought a house or two that need work, so it is no surprise when I suggest getting an inspector to look over the house before buying. A good building inspector is always worth the money.property managers in bonaire georgia

Although, if there is rehabbing to do to your new rental house, what I will suggest, that may be a surprise, is have a property manager or professional landlord (like Double D Property Solution) work with you to rehab the house into something that will be attractive and durable to the most tenants for the longest time. This will save thousands of dollars down the road.

Your Investment Rental will Rent Faster with Special Features

Remember when I said Bonaire prospect tenants are looking for modern and gadget filled houses in Bonaire? A few items on the property that makes the property unique is also needed. For some, it could be an interesting waterfall feature, or maybe a repurposed table turned into a back porch dry bar, or a cluster of fruit trees on the property. Simple, low maintenance, special features can make potential renters fall in love with the property and want it to be theirs. This will help your professional landlord, us, get the best rents for your Bonaire rental house.

Exit Strategy of your Rental Property

Many property managers don’t think about the future of the rental property they manage, we do.

We are investor landlords ourselves and know that not every rental house you buy will stay with you forever. Make sure your portfolio is up to date with the best rental properties for you. If not, sell the low performers and trade for better rental houses in Bonaire Georgie. If you need help finding your next rental property for us to landlord, contact us.

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