4 Effective Methods For Advertising Your Warner Robins Rental Property

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Landlords who effectively advertise your rental property can make all the difference in Warner Robins.

Landlords can learn some great tips on how to advertise your rental property to attract the best tenants around!

Owning a rental property does nothing for you if it sits empty. Once you buy an investment property in Warner Robins, you’ll need to know how to attract prospective tenants that will pass your screening and stay as long as possible. Below, we offer several ways to effectively advertise and generate buzz for your rental house.

Video Your Rental House

Anything you sell online, videos help attract buyers. This is especially true with selling or renting real estate. Being able to offer high-quality video and virtual tours of your rental property will give people a better idea of what to expect. Perry, Warner Robins and even Hawkinsville Georgia hold a lot of transient military families, for example, that can’t drop in to shop for a rental house. Virtual tours can bring the house to them, even if they are coming from overseas. All people have become more visual, virtual, shoppers. Be sure to have a plan of what you want to show and what you want to say. Professional videos beget professional clients. The better the marketing, the better the demand for your rental house.

If you do the videos yourself, remember that your first video may not be perfect, but you should always keep at it. Video is often shared on social media and can have positive effects on your SEO when done correctly. Video is a wonderful way to connect with more people who may be interested in renting your home. Using your video links on social media is a great way to advertise in a place where interested parties are already looking.

Good Property Managers use Great Photos

In rental property, pictures really are worth a thousand words. Professional images will be high-quality and edited to take advantage of the lighting and property features. When having someone come in to take photos, it is up to you to clean the house and pull as much light in as possible. Photos can show everything, so make beds, remove clutter clear anything unsightly from the shot. All of the prep and clean-up is up to you. You may consider staging the areas where the photos will be taken. We don’t usually do this unless it is a higher end rental house, but it does give your potential renters a sense of the property, by all means, do so. A professional photographer will be able to capture all of the great things about your Warner Robins rental property, making their fee more than worth it. Once these pictures are complete, you can keep them for later when the tenant leaves.

Highlight The Neighborhood your rental is in

As a professional landlord, we have learned that tenants don’t want to feel like a tenant.  Prospect tenants want to be in an area they love, near amenities they need, that feels like home. If there is a shopping center nearby, a gym, recreational area, great restaurants, access to transportation, or anything else a person could want, put that in your rental listing! Many landlords will create a factsheet on the area, highlighting different area businesses and attractions that may be of interest to potential renters. It’s these small touches that will bring more high-quality potential renters your way.

Spell Out The Benefits

Washer and dryer included? Will their commute times be relatively short? Is the property within walking distance to a great restaurant or other desirable attraction? What school district is the rental house in? Some prospective tenants may not know the area as well as you do. Let them know exactly why your rental property and it’s location is the best choice for them. Plus, you only have to do the research once, then you will be able to share it with a large pool of potential renters in Warner Robins.

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