“Can You Rent my House in Warner Robins”

We are professional landlords, not agents. The new and better way of Renting Your House.

Property Management companies are throwing your rental properties into a big pile with hundreds of other rental houses they manage.

For many, property managing is a side business to selling houses like other real estate agents. That’s why we are better than property management!! We only do rental property.

Property managers in Warner Robins, Perry and Kathleen are hired agents from a big real estate company. Not Us, we’re small, controlled, local… and YOU get an honest, fair and dedicated team using the new alternative to property management. We are professional landlords. All we do is residential rental property. The best people in any field are specialized… like us.

Moving or PCSing Quickly? Here’s What We Do For You:property manager

  •  NO reserve funds required when we rent your house.
  • Many times, we’ll even pay the up-front costs to get your house ready to rent.
  • Turn your liability into a cash producing asset.
  • Better tax benefits.
  • We protect you by being a principle, not an agent.

Property manager warner robins georgiakathleen rental property

Whether you’re moving across town or across country, keeping your house as a properly managed rental investment can significantly improve your financial position.


Selling vs. Renting your house.


  • 10-15% of the sales price is lost to commissions, closing cost and repair cost getting the house ready to sell.
  • The sale of the house is only tax exempt IF you qualify under section 121 tax code.
  • Most of the expense you incurred (interest on the mortgage) in buying the house is lost once the house sells.


  • Rental income is taxed less
  • Income from rents pay down the mortgage plus pay back the expense (interest) you already paid.
  • Provides additional deductions on your taxes.
  • Borrow against the built up equity for emergencies or to reinvest.
  • Hedge your net worth with income that climbs with inflation.

Of Course, any good rental portfolio needs a good landlord. That’s where we come in. 

Professional Landlords are a new concept in the residential the rental market. It is a system mostly used in commercial real estate. BUT, since it works so well in the commercial market, we decided to fill a niche in the residential real estate rental business. It is working well and many rental property investors are currently enjoying the new found benefits.